Discussion Forums and Networks
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1 International Coalition of Historic Sites of Conscience
The Coalition is a network of historic site museums globally and works to promote the obligation of historic sites to assist the public in drawing connections between the history of the site and its contemporary implications.
2 International Network to Promote the Rule of Law
Internet-based knowledge network which aims to provide international rule of law specialists with a forum to exchange information with other experienced practitioners and experts, and to access relevant documents, best practices, and related material
3 Reconciliation Resource Network
The Reconciliation Resource Network is network that provides an opportunity for reconciliation practitioners, analysts and policy-makers to present and discuss issues around reconciliation. The discussion forums cover issues central to regional and t
4 Transitional Justice Forum
Open forum which provides a site for multi-disciplinary discussions on transitional justice related topics as well as links to useful resources.
5 Victims' Rights Working Group
The Victims' Rights Working Group (VRWG) is a grouping of organizations whose main objective is to raise the awareness of governments and others (e.g., the press, other NGOs and the public), in all relevant fora, about victims' issues.
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